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sujon kumar3262
12 de mai. de 2022
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Wanting to project the impact at the C Level Executive List of the Country System, considering that the workers who could do Smart Working are at least 5 million (about 22% of the total employed) and that the Smart Workers to date are C Level Executive List thousand, the effect of the increase of average productivity in Italy can be estimated at around 13.7 billion euros , assuming that the pervasiveness of Smart Working can reach 70% of potential C Level Executive List workers. But the benefits are not only for companie. For workers, even a single day a week of remote C Level Executive List working can save on average 40 hours of travel per year and for the environment, on the other hand, it determines a reduction in emissions equal to 135 kg of CO2 per year, considering C Level Executive List that on average people travel about 40 kilometers to get to work and assuming they do a day at home working remotely. The technology that enables Smart Working Smart Working is made possible by digital technologies that allow you to choose where and when to work, both C Level Executive List inside and outside the organization. Technologies that support remote working are already widespread. In fact, Italians today communicate through a plurality of proprietary and corporate devices: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) , once opposed in the company. Has become the main driver of agile C Level Executive List work. Indeed, there is no Smart Working without Enterprise Mobility Management. Business continuity, in fact, depends both on the governance of the systems and their safety, and on the C Level Executive List guarantee of services that ensure maximum individual productivity for the people who work. In terms of technological equipment, the standard one to allow remote working generally C Level Executive List consists of a laptop with microphones and webcam.